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Froglife: Striving to Protect the UK’s Amphibians and Reptiles

Globally, about 20 percent of evaluated reptiles are threatened with extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.The situation is even worse for amphibians with more than 41 percent of the world’s populations at risk of dying out.Reptiles and amphibians face a number of threats including loss of habitat, disease and persecution.

Froglife is a wildlife conservation charity which focuses on the UK’s native amphibians, reptiles and their habitats. The charity has a huge variety of habitat and education projects across the UK that raise awareness about the importance of these species and what we can do as individuals to save them.

A world without amphibians and reptiles would be a worse place. These species are a keystone of many ecosystems, and when they disappear, the environment changes dramatically. Froglife is working tirelessly to combat the threats to these species by creating and maintaining habitats, educating the wider community on reptiles and amphibians and running evidence-based amphibian and reptile conservation research projects to better understand how they can protect them. 

In 2019/2020 alone Froglife:

  • maintained or created 786 habitats covering 791 Hectares
  • worked with 1,401 volunteers totalling 5,485 hours 
  • supported toad patrols in rescuing 135,834 toads from the UK’s roads 
  • conducted 961 education and training sessions benefitting 49,049 people
  • engaged 71,791 people via social media with 1,343 enquiries answered

Find out more about the essential work that Froglife are doing to protect amphibians and reptiles at: https://www.froglife.org   

You can also help by recording your amphibian and reptile sightings on our FREE Dragon Finder App: https://www.froglife.org/dragon-finder-app/

Remember to choose Froglife as your charity when shopping for insurance through Evergreen: https://evergreeninsuranceservices.co.uk/froglife/

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