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Cuan Wildlife – New Badger Cub Rehabilitation Pen

Cuan Wildlife Rescue currently have 24 badger cubs in care. Many of these have been orphaned and have been hand reared by us. Each year we rehabilitate many badger cubs and currently only have two outside rehabilitation pens for them. They desperately need another one for some of this years cubs. These pens are underwired, but there is enough soil for them to learn how to dig. There is a chamber and tunnel for them, mimicking their wild homes. Each cub has to have three TB tests before they are vaccinated and released. You can help Cuan Wildlife Rescue to build this enclosure for the cubs, each year they get a large number of cubs so you will be helping future badger cubs too!

You can help Cuan Wildlife by taking out your insurance through Evergreen and we will donate up to 25% of our commission to them. You can request a quote on our website evergreeninsuranceservices.co.uk or call us on 020 3372 2174.

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